Elzbieta Cicla-Czarniawska

About Elżbieta Cichla-Czarniawska

Elżbieta Cichla-Czarniawska is a Polish poet, novelist, essayist, and literary historian. She was born in Łódz, Poland, in 1935. She received her doctorate, Doctor of Humanities, from the University of Łódz in 1977.

Elżbieta Cichla-Czarniawska is a prolific writer and her body of work spans many genres. She has published twenty books of poetry, eight novels, a collection of short stories, and a memoir. Her distinctive voice places her among the best Polish contemporary poets.

For her work she received several prestigious awards, among them the Józef Czechowicz Award and the Bolesław Prus Award.

"of difficult things"

The volume "of difficult things" for the first time presents Elżbieta Cichla-Czarniawska's poetry translated into English. The collection contains over forty poems. Each of them appears in two versions: the original Polish accompanied by its English translation. The poems were carefully selected by the author and the translators to capture the unique quality and great range of Elżbieta Cichla-Czarniawska's poetry.

Her voice is both original and powerful. Her poems touch upon every aspect of human experience. Some are philosophical and universal, exploring our place in the world. Some are deeply emotional, talking about love, loneliness, fear of getting old and dying. Whatever the theme, her poems move and astonish the reader.